Mi Watch and Mi 65 Watt Charger Launch by Xiaomi

Xiaomi has launched the Mi Watch and Mi Charger 65W. This is going to be a very expansive watch from Xiaomi, which will be very amazing. And if we talk about the price of this Mi watch, then this watch just Can be up to Rs. 9000 / -

By the way, Samsung had launched such a smartwatch with circle shape screen so far, if Oppo or any other company has not launched such a watch, but till date, many companies have not given so many features. So Xiaomi is the first such watch to offer sleep monitoring so far.

Otherwise, till now only smart bands used to see such features and now it seems that smartwatches are going to be available instead of those smart bands and one thinks that smartwatches also seem cool to us.

Xiaomi also launches 65W Charger which is much better. but it is not the first 65W charger in the world or India. Before this 65W Charger launched by Realme who is oppo's sub-brand.

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