How to Earn Money with MouthShut - real truth


  1. Earn Money via MouthShut
  2. is it Real or Fake
  3. Don't Write in Hindi
  4. Only English Language is accept
  5. For Earning Hindi Writing Not accepted

You all must have heard about this website, but you may not know that this website sometimes cheats. And some evidence of this website will also tell you. As you can see in the image above, this is my account but the wages are not too much.

This website is not so amazing, just a waste of time. Many people in the world use this website but they are not able to make a profit. If you want to do online earning, then you will find many more options, but if you work on this website or other website like this website, then you are wasting your precious time.

If you give a review on this website, then you can join the freelancer, there you can earn more money, even if your great work is done, you can earn 1 lakh rupees a month, but working on this mouthshut website here is something Neither will be achieved.

The most amazing thing on this website is that here you cannot use Hindi or any language, here you should only come to English, then you will be able to upload posts on this website. This is the biggest negative point of this website.

If you feel that you are very good at writing something and you want to earn money by writing or typing, then you can also start blogging. If you want to take a bogging class, you can also teach online here on udemy's site.

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