BTS Band Make a New Record 100 million views within 24 hours


  1. BTS Band Make a New Record
  2. BTS Make 100+ Million View within 24 Hours
  3. BTS Make Record without Advertisement
  4. BTS Band Break him own Record in Youtube
  5. Top Trending song "Dynamite" in the World
  6. This 'Dynamite' song Realease Date August 21, 2020

image credit: Rollin Stone India

BTS band once again set a new record on YouTube 100 million views in 24 hours. This record is due to BTS because BTS has not come on their video song through any paid view or paid followers but it is the work of BTS itself.

It is a wonderful record on YouTube that BTS achieved 100 million views in its video 'Dynamite' song in just 24 hours (1 day). And not everyone gets such great success without hard work.

BTS band is also being named because BTS has not done any paid promotion like Indian rapper Badshah. Before this song, an Indian rapper's song was also hit in the same way, named Yalgaar by Carry Minati.

BTS was famous once more time and at that time BTS was very much a hit, this band is also very much liked in the world. And this time BTS is collecting love from all over the world with its dynamite song.

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